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Spot News -- Chinese Overseas Investment


At the beginning of the year, securities practitioner already become the No.1 Happiest Job in China, since they only need to work 15 minutes a day. The North Koreans even blasted a hydrogen bomb to “celebrate the Circuit Breakers Mechanism”. According to jokes online:


You toke 3000 dollars to play cards and lost all of them; the banker said “I will give you 15 minutes to calm down. Then you went to the ATM to withdraw 5000 dollars and played cards. Again, you lost each and every dollar. The winner said “You bad luck, we will call it today.”


Prepared for half a year and only implement for four days, Chinese stock market already suffer four times ofcircuit breaker and suddenly the mechanism is stopped by the governments. It is always easier to lose money than earning it in stock market.


What is worse, since the beginning of 2016, Chinese Yuan is still depreciating and never turn good.


How to make our money more valuable even to resist CPI? Investing in real estate is your best choice. You can enjoy high quality life, make money by renting out your property and retain value of your property. Compared with fluctuation of the stock market and foreign exchange market, investing in real estate is aprofitable choice.


During the past ten years, stock market goes ups and downs, however, real estate market goes up for at least ten times. Even though the governments may concern the fluctuation of the stock market, they can do nothing. Besides, you will pay full price of your investment, the government will not pay for any individual lose.


Real estate is with different situation. The falling house prices affect indirectly the economic fruit of the government. Meanwhile, most people have to loan from bank to pay forthe house except for those rich guys. And do not forget, most of the banks are under government inspection. Therefore, governments will not let the price falling down. They will come up with relevant policy to stimulate the market. Moreover, you can rent out your property for cash which is not easy to do in stock market. Hence,investment in real estate is a better choice.


Frank Marriott, senior manager of Savills predicted that, overseas property investment of Chinese people will exceed 20 billion in 2016. He also said that since Chinese investors and developers are chasing asset diversification, overseas realestate marketing will become much better.


Why do people invest overseas?


Recently, more and more investors are willing to invest overseas rather than in China. No one wants to lose money and each and every investment should be based on the profit maximization. Followings are some motivations:


-- our fortune is shrinking because of CPI

-- financial safeguard for high quality of life after retirement

-- increasing education fees for your children

Half of First Timers Want to Jump in

27 Sep 2012 - Jennifer Duke from

Almost half of first time buyers think now is the time to jump on the property ladder with sentiment at its highest since 2007, according to a recent sentiment briefing.

Sentiment is up 2.2 per cent since March 2012, and at the highest level in five years, while those believing it is a good time to buy has increase...

Buyers Want to Purchase Before Prices Rise

24 Sep 2012 - Staff Reporter from

Almost three quarters of homebuyers think now is a good time to buy, according to a recent survey.

The Domain 2012 Spring Homebuyers Survey also found that 40 per cent of surveyed homebuyers are somewhat concerned about the state of the economy, with cost of living and property prices a particular worry.


Baby's Death Could Spark Rental Law Changes

20 Sep 2012 - Stacey Moseley from

A central Queensland coroner has recommended tougher laws to ensure faults in rental homes are quickly repaired, following the death of a seven-week-old baby.

Isabella Diefenbach died in hospital in May 2010 after her father dropped her when his foot went through a piece of rotten wood at their rented ho...

Commercial Property Market Hits Its Stride

17 Sep 2012 - Staff Reporter from

While the residential property market is undeniably flat, it seems the commercial property market is not suffering from the same fate.

Last week at Loan Market Group’s annual conference in Melbourne, senior finance broker Grant Rheuben was named the brokerage’s Commercial Broker of the Year after he wro...

Rate Cuts Imminent: AMP

13 Sep 2012 - Staff Reporter from

The Reserve Bank could cut the cash rate as early as next month, one economist has claimed.

AMP’s chief economist Shane Oliver said while it was not surprising to see the Reserve Bank leave the official cash rate on hold at 3.5 per cent last week, the Board is starting to get more concerned about the slowdow...

Interest rate on hold as Spring arrives!

01 Sep 2014 -

 The Reserve Bank's decision to keep interest rates on hold at its first board meeting in spring spells good news for home buyers in the busy selling season.

As widely expected, the official cash rate remains at 2.5 per cent, which marks the 13th consecutive month since the last cut by the Reserve.

In a statement issued by the RBA, governor Glenn Stevens has reiterated that the cash rate is likely to remain unchanged for some time.

AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver believes the low rates would also help to prop up the market in spring. He does not expect a rise until June next year. 

"With the Reserve continuing to keep those rates low and signalling that they're likely to remain low for some time to come, it provides a degree of confidence for home buyers and investors in the market," he said.

The 25 experts surveyed by mortgage comparison website, including Dr Oliver, unanimously predicted that rates would remain on hold, with 10 predicting a rise in the first half of 2015 and 13 expecting an increase in the second half of next year.

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