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So Happy to See You Guys in Four C Monopoly Competition Training Session

07 Aug 2012 - Four C Realty

 Four C Monopoly Competitiion has received dozens of registrations by the 3rd August after 2-month marketing advertisement. For helping the candidates carry out research, we ran a training session in Monash Caulfield Campus on last Saturday (4th Aug).

Our CEO Ian Chen delivered a speech for the audience, mainly on property market and investment strategies. Apart from that, he also shared the his personl story. One student said 'I had no idea about the property market before. But thanks for the training and tutor who is from Four C Realty. And Ian's story is quite inspired.'  

Four C Realty has allocated two Sales Consultants to each group as professional knowledge backup.

Deadline for report submission is on 17th Aug which is 2 weeks later. Grand Final will be held on 25 th Aug. Come on candidates! 

For competiton info and update, please click our blog or call 9640 0408.