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Alice Chan - Licensed Estate Agent & Executive Director

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"I am pursuing quality control."

Seven years ago, Alice set up Four C and began operations as License Holder.

"We are craving for quality guarantee rather than cheap guarantee."

Alice: Having worked in Real Estate since 1999, I started Four C as I wanted to strive for success with all business relationships. Four C is operating under a motto of satisfying all parties involved in our working relationship. I also want to embed my personal values into Four C’s culture. Values such as professionalism, trust, honesty and diligence are critical attributes for a successful company. It is important for our company to hire staffs who share the same values. I am proud of the work that have done by Four C family as we aim for growth and strive to work hard.

Using my skills and knowledge of the property market, we aim to provide our clients with the highest standard of property investments which will benefit them long term. For us it's not just about selling properties, but selling properties which have potential and are suitable to create a win-win situation with all of our clients.